No-BS Sales Mastery For Chiropractors

Stop "winging it" and start implementing a proven, step-by-step D1 & D2 protocol to skyrocket your close rates.

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A Lousy Sales Process & Sh*tty Communication Are A Surefire Way Of:

  • Burying you in mounting bills, with your bank account bleeding dry
  • Turning your practice into a ghost town — patients in, patients out, & no commitment
  • Having you wallowing in self-pity from low close rates and a flood of rejections
  • Burning tens of thousands on marketing while seeing little to no results
  • Working yourself into an early grave, while barely scraping by
  • Eroding your passion and have you considering closing up shop

You can do better

CloseForChiro gives you the sales and communication skills needed to:

  • Skyrocket your close rates so you can help more people and turn “maybe’s” into long-term commitments.
  • Relive the stress, disappointment, and uncertainty that comes with struggling sales.
  • Start building your dream practice now and start living the life that comes with it.
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It's all mindset

Join A Tight-Knit Group of DCs Invested In Your Success

The group of docs that have gone through this and have had huge success are the first ones to pull you to the side and offer advice and encouragement.”
– Dr. Michael Barnard Jr.

Go ahead and talk to the doctors in the program and read our reviews.

They might highlight how they’ve dramatically increased their close rates. Or how the community of doctors in the program feels like a family, always there when they need help.

Whatever specifics they might decide to share, we’re certain the feedback will all pretty much say one thing…

And it’s that CloseForChiro put them on track to have the practice and life they’ve worked so hard for and truly deserve.

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About Us

Most chiropractors are wonderfully trained doctors and dedicated clinicians with hearts of gold. Unfortunately, many lack the right approach to turn a patient’s nay into yay when presenting the most amazing healthcare offering in the world – chiropractic.

I’ve been down that road. And I understand firsthand what it feels like to transform success rates with a strategic sales system that isn’t sleazy or awkward. I’m now fortunate enough to have a thriving practice with a renewed passion for helping my patients the best I can.

It wasn’t always a bed of roses. Years ago, I faced endless waves of rejection from patients despite my most sincere and diligent attempts at closing. It was a crushing blow to my confidence as a professional. I was on the cusp of giving up when I stumbled upon the golden recipe behind high close rates. We’re talking from 50% right up to an impressive 80-90% range.

I discovered the secret was ensuring that your sales, operations, and finances lined up. This approach gives prospective patients a powerful, inspiring experience, allowing them to fully commit to their OWN health goals.

My team was inspired by the approach of other industries that focused on the power of sales – something lacking in the chiropractic field.

I strongly believe that every practitioner has the power to turn things around. They don’t need to settle for low close rates and constant rejections. And heavily discounting your service to get people in the door shouldn’t be an industry norm.

You owe it to prospective patients to communicate in a way that inspires them to commit to the outcomes they want from your care.

I can’t tell you how fortunate I am to have experienced this life-changing transformation, and all of us at CloseForChiro want that for you, too.

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Drs. Linda and Jean-Marc Slak

50% to 80% Close Rate

“We have to tell you that CloseForChiro is one of the best things that’s ever happened to us. After 30 years of practice, this is the best thing we’ve ever done. We wish that we had started it way back when. Do this program if you want to help more people and get better results, way, way better results.”

Dr. Bolden Harris

50% to 95% Close Rate

“I met Dan seven years ago when I went to the Everest boot camp, and have worked with these guys ever since. Our conversion rate has gone up over the years. My conversion rates were maybe 40 or 50% back then, but now our conversion rates are about 85 or 90%. They’ve helped us to educate patients better and have more lifelong patients.”

Dr. Douglas Drobbin

60% to 95% Close Rate

“I probably increased my revenue by 40% and didn’t know that I could do that. I’ve been in practice for 40 years, and I have always made a great living. I had a lot of money, but now I have more. And while providing a better service because patients are now happy to commit to adjustments for a longer period of time.”

How is C4C different from other coaches, consultants, etc.?

For one, we practice what we preach. Aside from currently running successful practices, we teach processes and systems that work in today’s market. This isn’t regurgitated information from the 80s from chiro coaches with highly questionable (and ineffective) methods.

Secondly, we were the first to really focus on sales training for chiropractors. While others were too scared to address the topic of sales, we challenged it head-on without fear of criticism or negativity. And the result? Thousands of chiropractors enjoying success in both business and life. We focus primarily on great teaching, helping doctors learn and implement what they’ve learned with real, measurable results.

As I’ve mentioned before, don’t just take our word for it when you can join our free FB group and get in touch with current docs or read our reviews to see for yourself.

How long will it take to see results?

We’re confident you’ll start seeing results your first week. And on average, the doctors we work with see a 4.1x ROI within the first three months. We’re not giving you high-level theories or ideas impossible to implement. You’re getting a step-by-step, practical approach.

Are there financing options?

Yes. We have financing options for our programs. There’s been a drastic change within the last few years in the industry, so we realize not all practices can cover an investment upfront.

I have a very specific type of practice. Will sales training work for me?

Absolutely. We’ve helped all kinds of chiropractic practices connect with people who need their services. This includes solo activator practitioners, 20 staff members, multidisciplinary enterprises, and everything in between. Everyone’s circumstances are unique – we get it. But the reality is that if you provide a product or service in exchange for money, no matter how specialized the skill, your business will benefit 100% from improved sales. So unless you’re deadset on operating a charity and giving away your service for free, sales training from CloseForChiro is EXACTLY what you need.

Are your methods/system ethical? I always thought sales was a bad thing.

We love this question. Yes, we have a moral compass, and we like being able to sleep at night. So no, we aren’t going to recommend that you pitch every patient who walks through your doors a 48-visit plan (paid upfront, of course), regardless of their needs. Sales isn’t (or shouldn’t be) about manipulating people. You’re learning a system that allows you to uncover the REAL reason patients seek treatment(hint: it’s not pain) and how to communicate the value of long-term care so they can fully commit to your recommendations.