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Join a group of docs skyrocketing closing rates through the art of getting the "Yes"

  • Online Starts: March 25th, 2024
  • Live in Person: May 3-4, 2024
  • Scottsdale, AZ: Hotel Valley Ho
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The Numbers Don’t Lie

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Dear Chiropractor,

Isn’t “YES” the sweetest sound in the world?

YES, I accept your schedule of care.”

YES, I will bring my husband in tomorrow for an exam.”

YES, you and practice are important to our family.”

Yes is more than just a pleasant, self-esteem-boosting word that your patients say…

This three-letter word keeps your doors open and allows you to live the lifestyle fit for a doc.

Put simply, “Yes” is the most important thing that can happen to your practice.

So, let me ask you one thing.

How often do you train on the art of getting the yes (aka sales)?

Since it’s the most important thing that happens in your practice, I hope your answer is “all the time!”

After working with over 4000 docs, I know that’s likely not the case.

You may have thought, “I need to learn basic business skills like accounting, billing, and maybe even marketing.”

But for some reason, you’ve always considered “sales” to be a dirty word.

Something beneath you.

Hey, I get you. I once thought that, too.

But “sales” is really nothing more than a skill – and  an important one at that.

Think about it… sales is the most important thing for you to:

  1. Provide care
  2. Keep your doors open
  3. Enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard for

Yet most docs spend little to no time mastering the art of the sell.

That’s like dreaming of winning the Tour de France without riding a bike.

If you’re not where you want to be in practice…

And I could offer one piece of advice…

It’d be to learn how to ethically and authentically get patients to say yes.

Because when you master this one skill…

You no longer have to bob and weave uncomfortably when new patients question your treatment plan.

Patients you’d normally write off as “tire-kickers” begin to FULLY trust you and commit to your entire schedule of care.

Your hamster wheel of new patients gets replaced with familar faces returning to your practice for months at a time.

In short, learning sales has the power to transform your practice and your life.

That’s why we created a…

Chiropractic Sales Training, In A League Of Its Own

Our Day1 & Day2 MasterClass gives you the know-how to confidently communicate the value of chiropractic. It’s designed to have new patients nodding “Yes” to your full recommendations. Compiled and fine-tuned over 8+ years by currently practicing chiropractors, you’ll discover new ways to connect with your patients, increasing close rates while building a retention-based practice. MasterClass is our 7-week online immersive experience ending with a 2-day live event solely dedicated to putting everything into practice. Our in-person events have no vendors, no sales pitches, and no BS hoorah hype.

The Secret Behind MasterClass

More Than Just A Course

You’ll get over a decade of proven sales expertise packed into a 7-week highly executable program. Complete with live Q&A sessions, quizzes, and dedicated groups, all within an online education platform used by Ivy Leagues. After over 4000 docs trained, we’ve leveled up beyond just providing you with the best information: we’ve designed it to make sure it all “sticks.”

Docs Who Give a F***k About Your Success

Simply put, everyone you meet at MasterClass is invested in your success. Our C4C experts live and breathe what we teach. And if you talk to MasterClass alums, they’ll be the first to harp about our community. Not quite grasping an idea? Ask your cohort or jump in the next live Pre-Pod season and let’s work through it. Once you’ve made the decision to join MasterClass, you’ll never be short of docs ready to help.

A Kick-Ass 2-Day Live Event

And let’s not forget the grand finale – an in-person showdown where you'll tie it all together. It’s like drinking from a sales firehose where you rub elbows with docs who’ve walked in your shoes. Don’t be surprised when you see a handful of MasterClass alums back for a refresher. I’ll be willing to bet they’ve seen dividends pay off from a previous rodeo and are back for more. Our 2-day in-person event promises lots of laughs, plenty of learning, and on-stage role-playing where it’s not uncommon to see docs sh*t their pants.

Why Is Sales Training More Important Than Ever?

Sales is your competitive advantage when patients are side-eyeing every recommendation, pinching pennies tighter than ever, and juggling between you and the doc down the street. The old playbook of scaring folks straight into care or hoping they’ll like you enough to fork over their cash is dead and buried.

Gone are the days when you could throw a few bucks at ads, sit back, and watch the patients roll in. Those same ads are now costing you an arm and a leg.

Then there’s your patients’ wallets. Inflation’s been eating away at them like a termite, and that disposable income they once had? History. That means Mr. and Mrs. Jones are pinching pennies harder than ever, so they’re more likely than ever to write off your recommendations for a one-time “quick fix”. That’s bad news for your practice’s bottom line.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any tougher, enter stage left: every alternative therapy under the sun. Acupuncture needles are flying, massage tables are booked solid, and with chiro grads at an all-time high, there will soon be a young, hungry doc down the street. The competition’s fierce, and they’re all eyeing your slice of the pie.

In this cutthroat economy, winging it won’t do it anymore. Sales skills aren’t just a “nice to have”: they’re do or die.

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Some Of What You’ll Learn During MasterClass

  • Why attempting to build rapport with questions like “How was your drive?” set off your patient’s BS meter and how to authentically build rapport instead.
  • The secret to closing NPs through the use of the “Hot Button.” When you do this correctly, they practically close themselves.
  • The correct way to handle accidents and injuries to build authority. This method bridges the gap between between the value of chiropractic and their true desires.
  • Why pain only plays a minor role in seeking treatment and how the “Life Effect” makes your care something they can’t refuse.
  • The two most common ways docs “kill” the close within the first 30 seconds of an interaction with a NP.
  • How to skillfully AND ethically steer patients to understand that they won’t improve without your care.
  • The single most important thing to avoid when discussing findings and how to clearly communicate your ROF instead.
  • How to make tying down NPs to recommendations and finances the smoothest part of the process.
  • And much, much more…

A Sneak Peak Into Our 2-Day Live Event

Day 1

Day 1

We’ll guide you through a step-by-step process of reimagining your practice through your patients’ perspectives. That includes spending over 6 hours covering a short but critical 15 minutes of doctor-patient interaction time. Why, you might ask? Because during these 15 minutes, most docs fill it with BS that causes patients to question their every word. Oftentimes, what isn’t said does more build a relationship than what you do say. Be that relationship for just a few more minutes if you screw it up or for several months (and at a premium rate) when you get it right.

Day 2

Day 2

Day 2 entails a thorough review of communicating your Report of Findings. From when they sit down until they’re at the front desk scheduling, we’ll walk through the entire process. We’ll show you how to avoid all the “doc talk” that causes NPs to tune you out. But more importantly, you’ll learn how to give your ROF more meaningful context so patients eagerly commit to your full recommendations.

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Where is MasterClass Held?

It’s not in the back of a Holiday Inn, that’s for sure. MasterClass is held at only 4-star or better hotels, with ratings of 4.5 or better. After grinding away day-in-and-day-out, it’s time to unwind in comfort, mixing development with well-deserved luxury. Chicago is our home and we host at least 2 events here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a very specific type of practice. Will sales training work for me?

Absolutely. Our sales training courses have helped all kinds of chiropractic practices connect with people who need their services. This includes solo activator practitioners, 20 staff members multidisciplinary enterprises, and everything in between. Our skills ensure you get the chance to use your skills, no matter how specialized they are. MasterClass training focuses on increasing your care acceptance rate and getting paid what you deserve without getting chiseled.

Do I have to sign a long-term agreement?

No. There are absolutely no long-term contracts for anything we offer. Unfortunately, there have been, and continue to be, many companies coercing docs into signing their life away. MasterClass is a one-and-done deal and we’re extremely grateful to have many of our docs come back to our program on their own free will. I’ve personally been burned by iron-clad contracts, and it’s something I’ve never done nor will I ever do.

Are there financing options?

Yes. We have financing options for MasterClass. The chiropractic industry has seen better times, so we realize it may make more sense to seek financing.

Can I access the course forever?

Yes, the main bulk of the course content remains yours to access as and when you like whenever you need a refresher – which we all do from time to time! The additional resources, such as live Q&A and Mastermind sessions expire after 7 weeks, so ensure you’ve taken what you can from them during this time.

Can I share this course with my Cousin Vinnie?

The course is designed for individual students and is not for distribution. If you are an organization with multiple doctors, we offer special courtesy for this, so do get in touch. Like all study courses, all rights are reserved, and when necessary, copyright will be strictly enforced.

Do you work with chiropractic students?

While we do work with select students and offer support where we can, our course is designed for doctors who have enough experience to value the initial interaction between doctor and patient. Most students are too focused on training, including clinical technique and business fundamentals such as starting up a practice, so dedicated sales technique comes later for most students. We believe in learning to walk before you can run.

Do you cover marketing and how to acquire new patients?

Not directly, as our training is focused on the individual interactions between chiropractor and patient. We do, however discuss various acquisition methods in the HoldingTank.

What is the HoldingTank?

The HoldingTank is our postgraduate support zone exclusively for MasterClass graduates. Think of it like this: over 300 doctors sharing ideas and support, plus a vast library of advanced video tutorials and downloads relevant to almost any practice and business situation. HoldingTank members also get access to members-only events such as TankaPalooza. Membership is month-to-month with no contract or commitment.

There are other similar chiropractic sales programs out there. What makes you different?

We were the first to really focus on sales training for chiropractors. While others were too scared to address the topic of sales, we challenged it head-on without fear of criticism or negativity. The result? Thousands of chiropractors enjoying success in both business and life. We focus primarily on great teaching, helping doctors learn and implement what they’ve learned with real, measurable results.

I always thought sales was a bad thing. How do you sleep at night knowing you teach “sales”?

We love this question. Sales is only a bad thing when it’s done badly. Sales isn’t (or shouldn’t be) about manipulating people. It’s about bridging the gap between a solution and a problem and helping patients see how and why you offer a great solution. We know you offer an amazing range of services and care very much about the well-being of your patients. We’ll teach you how to communicate that to your potential patients. No hard sell – just profitable conversations and close rates that typically increase from 50% to as high as 90%. Effective sales training means more time spent caring for your patients, what we’re all most passionate about.